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What if your webpage is getting significant traffic, but no one is converting. It happens!

Setting up proper Call-to-Actions can help with user conversion at any point. In other words, CTA’s are the key that you can use to convert your readers into customers where you want.

In order to get a better conversion rate set up the conversion game near the CTAS. Your content before CTA should reflect the upcoming CTA by providing value.

So here are 8 number tips which you can level up your CTA game.

1. Get Them to Trust your Review

If you’re writing a review for the purpose of selling someone’s product, you have to make readers trust it.

  • The reader needs to believe you when you say the product is good
  • How?
  1. Leverage Authority in your content to make them trust. It should seem that you are an authority in your industry and your insights are valuable for them.
  2. Knowledge Bombs are a great way to start your content with. You first grab readers attention by spreading your knowledge bomb in order to hook them in your content. This way they will think, there is more hidden to cover in this article, so they need to read it.

2. Talk About Benefits, Not Features

Telling features straight away will not help readers. Actually, if you come up with the benefits of the product/service you’re trying to sell would definitely help. It means you have tried it already, so that’s why they should trust your expert review.


  • Features are always boring
  • Benefits directly speak to the reader
  • Always talk in a second-person perspective. (“you” format)

3. Make Sure They Know They’re Getting The Best Deal

It is important to grab user attention and then trust at the start of your content. But with trust, you also have to ensure that they are getting the best deal. 


  • Saving money and not getting ripped off is a huge motivator

It is important to ensure them that through this deal they will save a good amount of money and not get robbed.

  • More on this later

Use such kind of tricks to get them engaged throughout your article and they believe there to be more valuable to address in the later article.

4. Use Active Voice

It’s a good option to use active words in order to grab more attention of the readers. Passive words are also good, but active words play an important role throughout your copy

Some passive Words are:

  • Might
  • Could
  • being kept

You can understand the complete difference here.

5. Hit them with a Testimonial

It’s a quality practice to introduce your testimonials before making their purchase or your product/service. Testimonials always play a big role in building trust, and obviously, people will click on your links, if they trust you.

6. Get Them About Reveal Product

Remind readers that there might be knock offs, and they will leave your website, in order to get them into trust. And to ensure them they will go to the safe hands, by delivering quality options.

Bonus Tip: 

7. Discourage Authority Link Clicks

This trick I have come to know from Matt Diggity. Thanks to him!

There’s no doubt that you will give authority links in your content, to leverage authority and trust. But what if people will leave your website by clicking on them. Too much Sad?

So here’s how you can avoid readers clicking your links:

  1. Anchor a word that they already know what it is
  2. Put it lower on the page. In the scan area.
  3. Set it up with text like:
  • “As you already know…”
  • “It’s common knowledge…”

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