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Premium Notes from My SEO Diary​

Hamid Khan

There is no single strategy to increase organic traffic acquisition instead hundred in numbers. I’m discussing an ideal approach to rank a …

Hamid Khan

In 2021, CTR is the most important but most overlooked factor by many SEOs. Here’s why? People just want to rank for …

Hamid Khan

What if your webpage is getting significant traffic, but no one is converting. It happens! Setting up proper Call-to-Actions can help with user …

About Hamid Khan

International SEO consultant from Lahore, Pakistan. A guy who started SEO in the love of internet marketing field. With over 5 years of experience in SEO, I’ve successfully achieved 500+ projects with their significant marketing goals. I’ve evolved a unique strategic approach that will help you unlock extensive business growth opportunities in search.

I offer highly personalized and strategic SEO advice, as well as training and continuous support to businesses that require a scalable approach in competitive industries.🙂

I have created this platform to share my FREE SEO diary notes, for making your SEO efforts more successful.

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Hamid Khan

My Expertise


➕ Topic clustering

➕ Hub + Spoke strategy

➕ Content audit

➕ Content gaps + optimization


➕ Content planning

➕ Content briefs

➕ Evergreen blog articles

➕ Thought leadership


➕ Outreach training

➕Outreach strategy

➕ Podcast outreach

➕ Social copy

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